EGGS LTD. is a company specializing in consulting in the field of environmental protection.



  1. Carrying out procedures for environmental impact assessment (EIA) under the EPA, in connection with the launch of new or change of investment intentions;
  2. Preparation of a notification for investment proposal;
  3. Preparation of a request for assessment of the need for EIA;
  4. Preparation of terms of reference for the scope and content of the EIA report;
  5. Preparation of EIA reports;
  6. Preparation of a request for assessment of the need for environmental assessment;
  7. Preparation of terms of reference, scope and content of the Environmental Assessment Report;
  8. Preparation of an Environmental Assessment Report;
  9. Preparation of applications for issuance and documents for review and update of complex permits;
  10. Preparation of an assessment for the application of Best Available Techniques (BAT), comparison of installations with available reference BREF documents and with Decisions for implementation of the European Commission for formulation of BAT conclusions;





  1. Development of documents for issuing permits or registration documents for activities with waste under the Waste Management Act (WMA);
  2. Registration of traders and waste brokers in the register of the Executive Environment Agency;
  3. Entry in the registers of the EEA of persons placing products on the market, after which widespread waste is generated;
  4. Classification of waste by the order of Ordinance № 2 for classification of waste;
  5. Preparation of documents under Art. 4 of the WMA for reclassification of waste into by-products;
  6. Preparation of annual reports for performed activities with waste by the order of Ordinance № 1 of June 4, 2014 on the order and the samples according to which information on the activities on waste is provided, as well as the order for keeping public registers;
  7. Preparation of municipal waste management programs;
  8. Organization of transport and logistics in the reception and delivery of waste, meeting the requirements of the WMA;
  9. Ensuring the realization of industrial waste;
  10. Offering sustainable solutions in building a waste management system within the enterprise, as well as improving the process through training of staff on legal waste management;
  11. Consulting companies for work with the National Waste Information System (NISO).




  1. Preparation of documents for conducting procedures for prior written notifications or for carrying out shipments of waste in accordance with the general information requirements of Regulation 1013/2006 on shipments of waste;
  2. Consultation on the requirements of Regulation 1013/2006;




  1. Preparation of GIS analyzes and preparation of maps;
  2. Database processing and creation, paper georeferencing;


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